Z Network

Connect to an ecosystem of thought leaders and changemakers who will be your mentors.

Coworking Space

Our co-working space is thoughtfully designed to provide a unique working environment for you to nourish your ideas.

Z Incubator

Secure your trade license and access Dubai hassle-free through our incubation program.

Z Accelerator

Fast-track your growth and access into the GCC & wider MENA region through our acceleration journey.

About Our Company

The genesis of ZtartUp.com was based on the belief that beyond being an international business hub, the UAE has the potential to usher in the next cohort of innovators, disrupters and thought leaders. The infrastructure and the connectivity in Dubai are unparalleled, and that it is the fertile ground for ideas to sprout and enterprises to take root. For these ideas to turn into economically viable businesses, support and mentorship are integral.

ZtartUp.com is a sector agnostic business incubator and we work to foster synergies between our incubatees. This has led to us having a vibrant and collaborative community of entrepreneurs and teams working together and making each other better. When you join our ecosystem, not only are you being introduced to UAE’s best and brightest, but you are also getting the chance to discover ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.


“To be an ecosystem of excellence in the UAE/GCC/Asia/SouthWest Asia that nurtures innovation and disruption through a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, top talent and thought leaders.”


“To nurture synergies of innovation, entrepreneurial development, and sustainable economic growth in Dubai, UAE with a particular focus in the fields of Technology, Trade, Services, Arts, Films, Music, and Sports.”

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Conference Rooms - Meeting Rooms

Get access to fully equipped conference & meeting rooms at our co-working and office space in Wafi City.

Incorporation and Business Licence

Get your business incorporated & secure your trade license in Dubai, UAE hassle-free with the ZtartUp network.

Audio / Visual Hall

Set the foundation for optimum teamwork, communication and productivity with our state-of-the-art AV room

Board Room

Large boardrooms with space for 8-12 people, outfitted with premium furniture, infrastructure to enable video conferencing, client pitches, and meetings.

Zoom in to a Single Workstation

Reduce business costs by booking workstations on a need-basis. Fully fitted with all facilities to enable a conducive work environment.


To get in touch, send us or call us

info@ztartUp.com (or) +971 4 528 2100